Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Paper-Aware Search

Exbiblio has developed a way of bringing together the paper and digital worlds, creating a rich interactive experience in paper documents. This new technology requires no change to present or historic print publishing processes. Rather, it makes use of the remarkable uniqueness of written text. In Google’s indexed corpus the average length of a unique English phrase is about 6 words. So virtually every line of every printed document is unique; every line serves as its own barcode or URL. This is true in books, magazines, newspapers, business documents, etc. And it works in documents printed today, or printed 200 years ago. Exbiblio exploits this phenomenon to connect the paper world to the digital world, using software and cameras on existing mobile phones, or Exbiblio's small "Qi™" device. When Search Engines are paper-aware, many powerful web-based activities can be extended to the world of paper documents.


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