Thursday, January 10, 2008

$2.5K Car

"After months of rumors and tantalizing leaks, Tata Motors has finally unveiled the Tata Nano, its already legendary $2,500 car that promises to change the face of not only the Indian car market, but the global auto industry. The tiny car is a four door, five seat hatch, powered by a 30 HP engine that gets 54 miles per gallon."


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The group opposed to land acquisition for the factory has gone on the offensive again, forcing outstation labourers at the plant to leave and recently, even manhandling an engineer.

TATA Nano Motors is watching the situation closely and has said they will continue at Singur as long as their patience lasts.

On Tuesday night, an engineer working at the TATA Nano Motors site in Singur was beaten up by angry villagers and was hospitalised.

Earlier, the entire town of Singur was plastered with posters issued by the Krishi Jami Raksha Committee urging outstation workers employed at TATA Nano Motors to leave Singur.

According to Shapoorji Pallonji & Company, the main contractors at the site, some 600 labourers out of 2500 have not show up in the last three days. And more are leaving because of fear.

"I am leaving because I am scared. Bombs have been thrown at the factory. My family depends on me for a living. They will suffer if something happens to me," says Tarun Biswas, a rod fitter.

Trinamool Congress backed Krishi Jami Raksha Committee denies any violent action but insists that the land should be returned to farmers.

"Till land is returned to unwilling farmers, till farm labourers are given their right, not a single Nano will come out of Singur," says Becharam Manna, Convenor, Krishi Jami Raksha Committee.

But for the first time since the project got under way in January last year, Tata Motors signalled they may be reaching the end of their tether.

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