Thursday, February 08, 2007

Steve Jobs Speaks about DRM

Q comments on Steve Job's post about the iPod, DRM and the music industry.

Steve makes a fairly good argument that the music industry should drop DRM. Probably not strong enough to convince them, though.

I hadn't realized that the AAC-based DRM was so "fluid," meaning it's changed each time it's cracked. I assume this means that each time you buy from iTMS or Audible, you might be getting a sound files encrypted with a new encryption key, and maybe some extra envelopes. No wonder my first-generation iPod can't handle multiple iTMS accounts at the same time. I'm glad it can at least keep up with the AAC versions. Or, maybe the sound files are converted to older encryption schemes when transferred to the iPods? There have been a lot of updates to newer iPod versions that haven't affected mine.


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