Wednesday, November 01, 2006


A local Seattle WISP (Wireless ISP), contacted me recently, asking me to test drive their new on-line small business tool:

It's similar in concept to 37Signal's Basecamp, but adds more services. It's a nice package. I especially (though only conceptually) like the support for easily creating online stores, and I think they could take e-commerce to a new level for SMB (small and medium businesses) by integrating an online store with services such as Google Checkout, Google Base, Paypal, eBay, Amazon, etc.

Personally I already use the sort of services they provide (email, calendaring, auctions, photo sharing, etc.) from other sources, and I'd rather go with best-of-breed of each than go with a new aggregator. It's actually very painful to switch providers, so for anyone to outdo Flickr, for example, I think they'd need to thoroughly integrate with Flickr, so that there is no effort lost on the user's part if they make a switch. My guess is that Google will become the aggregator of choice of these types of services in the fairly near future.

Their CEO, Dan Wyant, and their technical team are very approachable and would love you hear more feedback, I'm sure, if you try out the service.


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