Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Keyboard Lock

It would be nice to have a mechanism, e.g. triggered through a global password, that doesn't interfere with a computer's operation, e.g. during a video chat, but prevents kids from deleting email or interfering with the operation of the chat. Chat programs would definitely benefit from it, but it would perhaps be useful for other apps as well, such as music and video players.

Perhaps I should explain, for those of you who haven't tried to use a laptop computer around a 9-12-month-old, that they like to explore just about everything, and that pressing keys, climbing all over computers, sitting on them, dropping objects on them, etc., are wonderful adventures. Unfortunately, computer designers haven't really considered this in their product designs. Otherwise, they would not have placed the on-off button and the delete keys at the top right corner of certain laptops, since the top left and right corners of the laptop are the most frequented parts for a kid trying to walk holding on to the sofa next to you, for example.

Thank some user interface genius for Undo!

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