Thursday, August 17, 2006

Text Game Nostalgia

Wired mentions that a documentary is being made. I'll have to check up on that when it becomes available.

My favorite is still The Magic Toyshop, by Gareth Rees, that won 3rd place in an interaction fiction competition in 1995. Can you solve the Tower of Hanoi in (2^n)-2 moves?

Thanks to the magic of Z-code, it's possible to enjoy Infocom games wherever you are, whether in front of a Mac, BeOS, Linux, Windows, PocketPC, Palm, etc. device. I was even able to rescue my defunct Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy floppy by extracting the ZIL file and running a generic Z-machine on it, before I bought a few copies of the Activision CD with Infocom games, before it disappeared from the market.


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