Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Exbiblio & Blogging

Today my first external blog post appeared on the Exbiblio blog site.

We blog extensively at Exbiblio, to capture meeting notes, ideas, discussions, etc. It's a great way for people to verbalize their thoughts, and keep a searchable records of their work. We call the blogs "lab books," which is a very apt name.

I've often advocated the use of blogs, wikis, newsgroups and mailing lists at other companies, to create good communication channels and searchable repositories of up-to-the-minute corporate knowledge. Intraweb search tools are a great adjunct.

So, it took me a little by surprise that Exbiblio already had extensive IT systems around blogging and wikis when I started, in April. Exbiblio is actually a bit weird that way. I often feel I don't need to say anything, because someone else is sure to speak my thoughts any second now anyway (if they didn't 5 years ago).

Exbiblio has been a great influence in getting me blogging. Before I joined, going back to the early RCFoC (Google it) days, I've kept lists of interesting links to articles and quotes, and have taken extensive personal notes on ideas and events, ranging from how to change the business model of the retail industry to notes on novels I want to write some day, to my daughters' first words. But, I never got in the habit of formulating things for external consumption. Since I joined Exbiblio, I've blogged pretty frequently. I estimate I've posted about 200 entries to the internal blog (about 50 per month), ranging from single links to 24-page documents. It's a fun habit. You should try it.

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