Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Barber Profile

A friend at work mentioned that he always finds it difficult to describe what he wants for a haircut. I've had that problem innumerable times myself, yet I've never addressed it. I've never taken a photo of how I like my hair, or of someone else whose hairstyle I like.

I solved it by letting my wife cut my hair to her liking. Works great!

But, maybe it's worth a web site. Say you get a haircut, exit the shop, pull out your camera phone, take a picture, upload it to a site, then star-rate it and put a tag and a comment on it. For example, I liked it 4 out 5, it's a "summer" hairstyle, and "I thought the stylist talked too much".

Then, next time you go to a barber, you give them your barber profile ID, and you can discuss your next haircut.


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